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Legalized Marijuana and Car Accidents in California

car accident

A joyous day for many was the legalization of marijuana in California earlier this year (2017). However, as other states have noticed an increase in fatal car accidents after legalization, it’s become a forefront thought on whether this same trend will align with California. Approving Prop 64 made California the most populated state to do so. […]

How do you Know if you Have a Personal Injury Case in Arizona?


Typically, personal injury cases have similar qualifications in each state. However, there are some differences worth noting in Arizona specifically. For example, Arizona does not have a compensation cap for personal injury cases, as some states do. So let’s jump into the first step of determining if you have a personal injury case, and that’s […]

5 Steps in Choosing the Right Law Firm for You


Dealing with a legal case is stressful and sometimes not worth the trouble it includes. Finding a law firm that handles your case and trusting that they will alleviate that distress can also be a tedious process. There are thousands of law firms to choose from in every city, so how do you make the […]

What To Do In Case of an Auto Accident with an Uninsured Driver?

Car Accident

When getting into and accident, calling the police is always best protocol. But when getting into an accident, you never know the situation you are put into when it comes to an uninsured driver. Of course, having a police/accident report will make any process much easier whether it comes to having your expenses covered or […]

7 Things To Know Before You Ride An Electric Scooter For The First Time

electronic scooter

There is a big hype over electric scooters in recent years. They are light, convenient, and can quickly take you from one to another direction. The main advantage is when you live in a crowded city where driving a car or taking a bus will require much more time due to traffic jams. The market is quite […]

What to Do If You Get Injured in Uber or Lyft Car Accident

Car Accident

Without any doubt, living in the 21st century without some sort of vehicle is almost impossible. You will need a lot of time to go to work, get back home, visit your friends, etc. However, what to do when you do not have a car? First of all, some people simply do not have a […]

5 Legal Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident in California

Motorcycle Accident

Each of us dreams of one day going to a place where he will be more successful. Some of the popular locations like California are perfect for starting new beginnings for life, work or education. This place is perfect, in this state many beautiful and successful events can happen that we can enjoy and in […]