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Car Accident

5 Tips on What Uber Drivers Should Know if They Run Into an Accident – 2021 Guide

We live in such a fast-paced world that even if teleporting is possible, we would again find it inefficient, and since that’s the case, it’s no wonder why speeding is such a problem. Namely, there are too many vehicles out there, and the fact that we simply need to have a car for most basic things like going to work and taking kids to kindergarten or school just adds to the tally. Now, taxi services are nothing new, as they exist, well, almost as long as there are cars, but new services like Uber took this to a whole new level.

1. How Uber operates?

Car Accident
The concept is actually pretty similar, as there are certain standards that those who want to work and drive for Uber must fulfill first. Then, since we already do most of our things online, depending on how good or great of service drivers provide, they get a review from the passengers. It is not a new system overall, but it is a new one in this field. You probably already know how a bad review can have devastating effects on some company work, and the same thing is with Uber. There is a lot of noise regarding their service, but the main one being about the responsibility in case of some accident. But let’s first clear something up, as an accident simply happens because sometimes, no matter how careful we are, we simply don’t hold all the strings, and not everything is in our control. OF course, knowing what actions to take and what to do in case of an accident is a must, which is why we created a list of what Uber drivers should know if they run into an accident.

2. Check the passengers

This one is the first and most fundamental thing, and also something that is simply in our nature as the first thing when it comes to an accident is to check if someone is hurt. It does not matter who is responsible for it, and we first need to make sure that everyone is okay and no one requires instant medical help. As an Uber driver, you need to check yourself first, then all the passengers from the vehicle, and, once you are sure that all of you are okay, you need to check the passengers from the other vehicle too. It is not time to think about whose fault the accident is until we are not sure that everyone feels good. Human life is much more worth than any money, and it always needs to be a priority, which is why regardless of who’s responsible, check for signs and provide medical help if you know how, and more importantly, call for medical help.

3. Collect information about the accident


After making sure that all the passengers are okay, it is time to collect the necessary information about the accident. Having crucial information can show who caused the accident and help you prove innocence if it is not your fault. There are many things that can be useful in that situation, and it is best to start with writing down the name, address, and license number of another driver, to prove their identity. Besides that, writing down the name of their insurance company and asking for their policy number can make things much easier when it comes to insurance companies.

Passengers from both cars can be great witnesses, and it is a smart idea to ask them about their contact information, together with other possible witnesses. It will be even better if they are willing to write the statements about the accident and sign them. After writing everything down, do not forget to take as many pictures as it is possible because they can be valid proof. It is important to take pictures of the scene from many different angles and every car damages.

4. Do not avoid calling the police

Solving a problem on your own without calling the police is never a good idea, especially if you are an Uber driver. Calling the police right after checking if everyone is okay is a crucial thing because of many reasons, and one of them is that the police officers need to write an official report. That report is important because it can help you prove that the accident is not your fault and help you get money to repair all the car damages. Sometimes it may look like another driver is too friendly and try to work out the whole situation without police involvement by offering money for repairment costs, but it is not a clever idea to accept that settlement. Without an official police report, no one can guarantee that the driver will give you money, or contact the insurance company to solve the situation, so it is always better to be sure than sorry and call the police to do their job.

5. Report the accident


Reporting the accident to Uber is also a must, no matter who’s to blame for it. A lot of things can happen if you don’t do so, as even the insurance company can question whether the injuries or car damage happened during some car accident or not. Furthermore, it’s always good to take as many pictures as possible so that you will get as much possible evidence, just in case.

Among that, collect the contact info of everyone who witnessed the accident as doing so can be of great assistance later. Lastly, make sure to write down everything you remember about the accident as things and memories fade as time goes by, so make sure you write down every single detail about it in time.


There is nothing wrong with being prepared, and knowing what to do in case of an accident can save both time and money. Of course, the most important thing is that everyone is okay, and after making sure of that, remember to follow these steps mentioned above as doing so can be of great help later. Hiring a lawyer is also more than a recommended thing to do, at least to get advice on what actions you can take, which is why consulting the experts in this field like Sierra Legal Group should be your priority.