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WHY Gallagher Law Group?

At Gallagher Law Group, we treat our clients like family and live by the motto that their needs come first. As dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys in Phoenix, we help people who are usually facing the darkest times of their lives, providing guidance and support to help them begin the process of rebuilding and moving on. 

You just want to move forward after an accident, and unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Insurance companies will fight you every step of the way, trying to get you to accept a low-ball settlement or offering no money at all.

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We fight for our clients and are there when all other hopes are gone. You need an accident lawyer in Phoenix on your side who can stand up to the insurance company and help you get fair compensation. With a combined total of thirty years of experience, the firm has championed the rights of injured clients in thousands of cases involving all sorts of accidents and injuries throughout Arizona and California.

You can find that advocate at the Gallagher Law Group.


Personal injury attorneys in Phoenix At Gallagher Law Group, we understand the profound impact accidents can have on your life. As personal injury attorneys in Phoenix, we’re committed to treating our clients like family and prioritizing their needs above all else. With a compassionate approach and a relentless drive for justice, we provide the support and guidance necessary to help you rebuild and move forward.


Insurance companies often aim to minimize settlements, leaving you to navigate a complex and frustrating process. At Gallagher Law Group, accident lawyers in Phoenix, we stand up to these challenges on your behalf. With over thirty years of combined experience, our dedicated team has successfully recovered over $100 million for injured clients across Arizona and California.


Choosing Gallagher Law Group means choosing a partner who will fight for your rights and ensure you receive the justice you deserve. Contact accident attorneys in Phoenix AZ, today to begin your path to recovery with a team that truly cares about your well-being.


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Our Specialties

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Uber — an innovative platform that hires drivers to perform a transportation service in their local community…


Traveling was once considered to be a long and difficult task. However, with the advancement in technology, human…

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can have potentially devastating long-term health effects, so it’s vital that you make use…

Bicycle Accidents

Over 20 million accidents happen each year. Accidents are extremely trying, and we understand that…

Dog Bites

Dog bites are commonly known as one of the most damaging personal injury claims, both physically and mentally…

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a tragic experience, as is any type of death. However, when the death could have been avoided…

Slip and Fall

Slipping and falling can happen to anyone, in fact, they are the second leading accident behind auto accidents…

Premise Liability

Slipping and falling can happen to anyone, in fact, they are the second leading accident behind auto accidents…


Accidents happen, and that’s why we’re here. But what classifies as a true Personal Injury case? You have to…

Brain Injury

The brain is responsible for nearly every human function, and brain damage is incredibly serious. It’s so important…

Car Accidents

An auto accident can be devastating. You may have a lot on your mind when you or a loved one is …

At Gallagher Law Group, we treat our clients’ like family, and live by the motto that their needs come first.

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